Rudraksha is derived from two words RUDRA and AKSHA, Rudra meaning Lord Shiva and Aksha meaning tears in Sanskrit. It is said that the planet of Rudraksha is originated from the tear drops of lord Shiva. As per the Vedic.

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Rudraksh…… blessings of Shivaay

Know about Rudraksh

Rudraksh Mala

Rudraksha Mala is made out of 108 beads plus one. That one extra bead is known as Bindu, and it is essential to have a Bindu in a Mala.

Rudraksh Beads

The beads are commonly strung on silk, or on a black or red cotton thread. Less often, jewellers use copper, silver or gold wires

Medical use

Rudraksha have tremendous energy & power. Rudraksha is best known for its biomedical properties & in controlling stress, hypertension & blood pressure.

Ancient time

For thousands of years in India, yogis have worn Rudraksha Beads to experience the deep tranquility and concentration which are vital for meditation and control of mind and body. 

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